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ReferYes FAQ
What is ReferYes?
A cost effective and innovative solution to find and attract top prospects or to build a pipeline of talent. Our clients are employers and recruiters who are looking to identify high-quality candidates. ReferYes provides a fast and easy way to find resumes and candidate profiles on top social networks and search engines through advanced search strings developed by search experts . ReferYes also helps hiring managers and recruiters receive referrals and leverage their social network connections by posting and sharing their jobs on ReferYes Network.
How can I learn to use ReferYes?
Anyone can use ReferYes, it has an intuitive search interface to help you find resumes on the web immediately. You donít have to be a Boolean expert or familiar with X-Ray search techniques to use it. To start using ReferYes check out our getting started tutorial.
I am a Boolean search expert, how can ReferYes help me?
ReferYes is designed to help recruiters to find resumes on the web and to help sourcing experts save time writing multiple long search strings and applying them on different websites simultaneously.
Can I use ReferYes for free?
Yes you can, however, there is a daily limit to the number of search queries. To have unlimited daily search queries you can upgrade your Free Account to a Pro Account.
What is a Pro ReferYes Account and what does it include?
Does ReferYes guarantee the payment of the referral rewards once a hire occurs?
ReferYes is not responsible to follow up on candidate placements or referral reward payments. Recruiters can contact each other directly through our messaging system to follow up on their candidates or to sign a contract before submitting a referral. In ReferYes we donít charge any fees on successful referral rewards and we donít control reward payments.
How can I make sure that referral rewards are not used to collect free referrals?
ReferYes is based on user feedback and reviews to control the quality of jobs and referrals, also we recommend to contact the job owner before any referral.
How can I upgrade my account to a Pro Account?
First, sign in to your Free ReferYes Account, at the Manage Account Plan section you can upgrade or renew your account. If you don't have a Free ReferYes account yet, sign up here.
Are we going to add more sites to ReferYes?
Yes, ReferYes team continuously updates the search strings and adds new sources, soon our list will include new online social networks, free job boards, and niche job boards.
How can I change my password?
At 'My ReferYes' section, click the 'Account' tab, under 'Edit My Profile' you can edit your profile or change your password.
How can I delete my account?
Simply send our support team a message with the title "Delete my account" and please state in your message the reasons of why you want to delete your account.
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