Getting Started
ReferYes is an advanced sourcing tool to find resumes and candidate profiles on social networks and search engines.
What is ReferYes?
A cost effective and innovative solution to find and attract top prospects or to build a pipeline of talent. Our clients are employers and recruiters who are looking to identify high-quality candidates. ReferYes Sourcer provides a fast and easy way to find resumes and candidate profiles on top social networks and search engines through advanced search strings developed by search experts . ReferYes also helps hiring managers and recruiters receive referrals and leverage their social network connections by posting and sharing their jobs on ReferYes Network.
Getting Started Tutorial
If you've never used ReferYes before, this demonstration will get you started.
Main Search Categories
Profile Search
Searches for candidate profiles on top social networks
Resume Search
Searches for active and passive candidate resumes online
College Search
Searches for resumes on college and university websites
Business Search
Searches for businesses and companies on the internet
Blog Search
Searches for candidates on blog profiles
Email Search
Searches for a candidate email ID or to find emails for candidates that work at a certain company
General Interface
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